The roots of this family farm run deep. In 2010, Travis & Erin Dinsdale purchased the farm from the Willhoyte sisters and named the farm “Dot Family Farms” after Travis’ Grandmother, Dorothy (Dot) Willhoyte, who by all accounts, made the best pan fried chicken around. In it’s previous life, the farm raised Hampshire hogs & Angus cattle. The Barn was host to county-wide sales that brought in farmers from many miles around.

DOT farm pigs

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DOT farm pigs

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DOT farm pigs

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DOT Farms Today

Today, the 5th generation of Willhoyte heirs (Jack, AJ & Grace) grow up on the farm with Travis & Erin. The farm is as much urban as rural with it’s ideal location planted firmly between the Maryville Country Club & the Maryville Municipal Airport. Hay is still harvested from the rolling acreage for the Willhoyte Angus herd held at another farm, however the focus of farm has shifted to a place to grow and to gather. The farm now focuses on a U-pick pumpkin patch, fruits, veggies, honey, conservation & education.

Our family has generations of happy memories on this farm and we look forward to the farm being a part of our client’s cherished memories for years to come.